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When choosing a cake the possibilities are endless but we have a few considerations that can help you choose the perfect cake for your event.

How many people do you need the cake to serve? See our recommendations below to help you choose what size cake you will require.

Match the Party Theme – If the party has a theme, the cake with certainly stand out if it fits in with the overall décor.

Coordinate Colour – A simple way to choose icing and decoration colours is to match them to the guest of honour’s favourite colours. Another option is to fit the colours into the party theme.

Consider hobbies and interests – Hobbies and interest lend great inspiration to a celebration cake. A cake that incorporates their hobbies or interests will not only make the cake unique to them but will certainly make their big day even more special.

Portion Guides

The guide below shows approximate serving sizes for round and square sponge cakes. This is based on cutting into portions of 1”x 2”. Please note these sizes are approximate and it depends on the person cutting the cake.

Use a very sharp straight edged knife. Using a serrated knife will shred the cake and make the portions harder to gauge.

Size (inches) Round 1”x2” Size (inches) Square 1”x2”
6 14 portions 6 18 portions
8 26 portions 8 32 portions
10 38 portions 10 50 portions
12 56 portions 12 72 portions

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“Louise has always listened to what I would like and has come up with some amazing creative ideas and the cakes look just fantastic. Not only do the cakes look good they taste lovely. Her cakes have never disappointed.”

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